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How indigenous knowledge could help prevent Australian bushfires

"Yuin Country, the Aboriginal land where this story was written, stretches along the south coast of New South Wales in Australia to the border with Victoria. It’s a landscape known for its untouched coastline, home to beaches that are thought to have some of the whitest sand on Earth. It is also country that this time last year was devastated by bushfires, which burned 5.4m hectares of land and destroyed 2,439 homes in the state. You likely saw it in the news; seaside villages turned red, then black, overnight."




rebirding, carbon-neutral ships

"Giant pelicans earmarked for a UK return


One of the planet’s largest birds could be poised for a UK comeback. The enormous Dalmatian pelican, which has a wingspan of almost 12ft, has become the latest target for rewilding advocates.

Conservationists are already restoring the bird’s wetland habitat in East Anglia, where, according to environmentalist and author Benedict Macdonald, there are several sites at which the species could be reintroduced."



Future-proofed trading: five ways to make your business more sustainable

"From the coronavirus pandemic to the climate crisis and the uncertainty raised by Brexit, businesses across the UK are facing myriad challenges while also trying to get on a more sustainable footing.

Not just for the sake of the planet. Embracing environmentally-friendly business practices is increasingly seen as a way to remain competitive in a changing world. A 2016 survey carried out in the US found that 64 per cent of millennials consider a company’s social and environmental credentials when deciding where to work, a proportion that is likely to have grown as awareness about the climate crisis has increased."




Customer Buys Beer and Toasts the Staff With $3000 Tip–As Restaurant Voluntarily Shuts Doors During COVID

"Just before closing time on November 22, a man walked into the Cleveland jazz joint Nighttown. He ordered a Stella Artois, asked for the check, and wished the owner Brendan Ring well."




Sailing back to the future: a new dawn for wind-powered shipping?

"Worse things happen at sea, or so the saying goes. And it rings true in the context of emissions: while countries bring in bans on petrol and diesel on land, at sea, ships are still permitted to run around on heavy fuel oil, a tar-like substance that belches out toxic pollution as well as carbon dioxide.

According to the European Commission, the shipping industry accounts for around two per cent of global CO2 emissions, which is more than Germany’s contribution. With the industry hitherto not obliged to comply with the Paris agreement, concerns abound that shipping could be a drag on emissions targets."



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