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"For families across the US, Thanksgiving this year is likely to look a little different—with grocery stores across the nation stocking up on smaller turkeys to meet people’s changed needs.

As for Zoom? As a thank you to its customers, from midnight ET on November 26 through 6am ET on November 27, they’re lifting their 40-minute time limit on free meetings."

Play games now?

"It was a compromise that worked for our family. My 7-year-old had a chance to dig in to his favorite games, and we parents felt like we were putting reasonable limits on an activity about which we were somewhat ambivalent.
But now he's playing them daily — and I wouldn't have it any other way."

Living with nature

"Bird-friendly bricks


Swifts have made their homes in cracks and crevices of our buildings for thousands of years. But the style of modern construction has helped put populations under pressure. The swift nesting brick, developed by Manthorpe Building Products in conjunction with the RSPB, is a bid to help the birds during the summer when they stay in the UK to raise their young. The bricks feature sheltered tunnel entrances and drainage holes and provide a safe area to allow swifts – clean and quiet house guests – to nest."


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